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About RamuKaKa Fresh

We are company leading organic Mandi delivering the best products that boost your daily life energy and potential. Understanding the customer requirements of diverse company. We Ramukaka Products & Services PVT LTD. Supply a comprehensive range of organic vegetables and fruits with other allied products. We are moving ahead in domestic markets with our focus on quality and it has been possible by virtue of our commitment towards state of the art technology, extra ordinary quality and intensive research and development. Empowered by our hardworking staff, we are committed to render our customers high quality products that comply the National quality standards. Further customization, cost effective pricing and on time delivery are the other fortes, which have paved our way for the phenomenal success in the Indian markets.

Company in Face one Company research in Farmers for the base selling platform create for Farmers and directly reach customer with this concept and how can we establish right path for the customers to buying with best rate with best products. IN face 2 we already in market through Malls, Stalls, Store for the strong reason of customers are knowing our products and our company Incorporation 5th of August 2020. IN phase 3 our Target is we are reaching directly to customers and that’s reason we are launching Mobile Mandi on wheels.


Why People Choose Their Daily Organic Life With Us

Our Team

This page is dedicated to highlighting our business' strongest asset out team. With Team work we are leading Ramukaka Product and Services PVT LTD. We have extra ordinary staff for smoothly running company. Staff is valuable assets of company and day-day we are increasing our customers belongs of hardworking of our staff members.


Mobile Mandi has a long-term vision to meet the shopping needs of every Indian citizen. Along with quality products, we strive to improve people's quality of life. To achieve long-term growth and success, we require public support and intend to achieve it by providing proactive and relentless customer service. With a fleet of over 40 electric (environment-friendly) vehicles, including bikes and three-wheelers, our delivery capacity exceeds 400 kgs.

In addition to providing exceptional customer service and quality products, Mobile Mandi also understands its responsibility toward the environment. In due course of time, we aim to introduce a range of organic products. By encouraging organic farmers and small traders, we aim to build a robust ecosystem that benefits people from all walks of life. Remember that Mobile Mandi's vision is to build a healthy society and economy that paves the way for a bright future.


Grow first class products that improve people’s health and wellbeing. We offer our Customers an efficient service that facilitates the suitable marketing of fresh produce, whilst striving for cooperation between consumers and supplier promoting a diet is key to fulfilling our mission. That’s why we supply highly nutritional, fresh products that improve the health of our customers and their families. Our process and tracking system enable us to deliver our fresh product to the areas in the best condition possible, where the population currently lives.


We live in world where recourses are limited. Midway through this century the global population is predicted. We therefore face the great challenge of dealing with the need for healthy food to-gather with an ever increasing shortage of natural recourses. This requires us to evolve and combine the best farming traditions with the most innovative technology. Good management of agri-food-tech recourses adds value with suitable healthy and sustainable products.

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